BMW Wheel Alignments

At BM Autowerks, we offer precision wheel alignment, steering and suspension repairs, using only the best wheel aligner, the Bosch Beissbarth Wheel Aligner. Our expert mechanics can provide a fast, reliable BMW wheel alignment orMini alignment for your vehicle, that will also keep your warranty safe, as we are accredited Mini and BMW mechanics.

Proper wheel alignment will ensure your tyres wear as evenly and slowly as possible, as well as making your car safer, more fuel efficient and easier to handle. 

Each vehicle has a different combination of camber, castor and toe measurements, each of which must be measured, interpreted and adjusted by an expert. As BMW and MINI specialists, we combine the best equipment with the most knowledgeable staff to ensure that your wheels and tyres are aligned to manufacturer's specifications and your car is as safe as we can make it.

Other auto services we offer include

Performance Upgrades

Breakdown Assistance

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Air Conditioning Repairs

Roadworthy Certificates

Vehicle Servicing

So if you need a Mini wheel alignment or BMW wheel alignment, either on its own or as part of a service, then contact BM Autowerks today.

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