BMW And MINI Cooper Service Melbourne

At BM Autowerks, you can be sure the all warranty requirements outlined in your service manual are adhered to. Our Melbourne's MINI and BMW service centre follows strict guidelines to ensure your car is serviced to the high levels demanded. No matter what model your car is, whether it was built in the 1990s or rolled off the production line last month you can rest assured your vehicle is in good hands at our trained BMW/MINI Technicians.

MINI Cooper Service Melbourne

As experienced BMW and Cooper servicing technicians, we're familiar with all the quirks and little differences between the various generations of BMW and MINI vehicles, like the shortened service intervals of pre-1998 models, which BMWs were the first to have a service interval of 25,000km and the way the green LED service lights on older models slowly go out over time. We also offer and recommend interm oil changes and minor servicing for those later vehicles with a longer service interval.

Condition-based servicing (CBS) For BMW and Mini Vehicles

Condition based servicing is the latest, most confusing addition to the BMW and MINI Cooper service program. There are nine commons service symbols illuminated in amber on your dash. When any of these turn yellow, your service light will illuminate, indicating that a serviceable item is due for a repair.

Below are the nine common service symbols. These will normally be amber, indicating a normal condition. Yellow indicated that a service is due and red that a service is overdue, most importantly all of these are called services, so what you traditionally knew as a service being at the very least your engine oil and filter being replace may not be...

Our full list of auto services includes

Performance Upgrades

Air Conditioning Repairs

Breakdown Assistance

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Wheel Alignments

Roadworthy Certificates

Contact us if you want to bring your car to an accredited MINI or BMW mechanic and MINI Cooper mechanic service centre in Melbourne.


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