BMW Workshop

At BM Autowerks, our BMW repair workshop is always growing. 

As each new BMW or MINI rolls off the production line, a new studio tool is produced to repair it efficiently. We strive to keep on top of each new mechanical or electrical development as it happens, so that we can always service your BMW or MINI to the best standard available, no matter how recent the model.

Our shop is currently fitted with five service bays, each of which has its own individualised feed of oils, air and fluids at arms length. Having our workspace set up this way allows our technicians to work much more efficiently and get the job done sooner.

The world's best electronic diagnostic and programming tool is specifically designed for use on BMWs and MINIs. In many cases, this model is even better than the factory version - and BM Autowerks has two of them.

We also offer precision alignment, steering and suspension repairs. We offer these services in-house and again use only the world's best wheel aligner, the Bosch Beissbarth Wheel Aligner.

The most important tools are in your head

As a pre-requisite for employment at BM Autowerks, all our technicians complete state training in their chosen fields. We also give all our staff the opportunity to complete off-the-job training courses to keep their skills sharp, both locally and internationally. We favour local courses run by Bosch and VACC to help our technicians broaden their knowledge, and international courses organised by BIMRS, the International Association of BMW Service Professionals. Through BIMRS, the technicians at BM Autowerks get the opportunity to be trained by some of North America's finest BMW and MINI trainers to offer you the best BMW servicing Melbourne has to offer.

As an invited member of BIMRS, BM Autowerks has a responsibility to follow a code of ethics shared by all reputable BMW and MINI service professionals. Our ethics include keeping a sense of personal obligation to each customer, by employing the most skilled technicians possible and working with the customer to achieve the desired result.

Insurance and warranty

The BM Autowerks workshop is fully insured and protected for your peace of mind. You can feel safe and happy knowing that our premises are insured and your beloved vehicle is safe with us.

All our work carries a 12-month parts and labour warranty, excluding secondhand parts. In some cases we can also offer a two-year parts warranty - contact us for details.

Loan cars

We currently have three BMW and one MINI courtesy vehicles available for approved customers to book free for the day while your car is being repaired. Conditions do apply and bookings are essential - contact us for details.


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