BMW Inspections

A pre-purchase inspection is a detailed visual inspection, mechanical test and road test carried out on a vehicle. We can provide an independent BMW inspection, or MINI inspection of any vehicle being sold either privately or through a motor car trader.

At BM Autowerks, we use an extremely thorough and well-respected pre-purchase inspection checklist and report created by us, in order to give you the best idea possible of the condition of your new secondhand BMW or MINI. Please note we do not remove any components part of the vehicle or inspect internal parts.

Another service with our pre purchase BMW inspection or Mini inspection, we also offer to check warranty repairs and reported items after you have purchased your new secondhand vehicle at no extra charge. This gives total peace of mind.

Other auto services we offer include

Breakdown Assistance

Air Conditioning Repairs

Performance Upgrades

Wheel Alignments

Roadworthy Certificates

Vehicle Servicing

For more information on our MINI or BMW inspections, contact us today.

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